In 2017,  I moved back to India to pursue a long-term documentary photo project - "Drag Queens of India" - documenting the emerging drag scene in India. 
Below is a series edit from the bigger project. 

Drag Sisters of Delhi 

A series from my pan-India photo project, "Drag Sisters of Delhi", is a trio of two Delhi-based lawyers, Ikshaku, 27 and Ayushmaan, 26 and a professional dancer and choreographer Prateek Sachdeva, 24, who identify themselves as drag sisters, performing at various queer-friendly spaces in Delhi. Inspired by the famous American drag queen RuPaul and his reality television show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Delhi's drag sisters are united by their passion for drag and self-designed and stitched outfits. Often sharing green room spaces, the trio help each other with make-up tricks and last-minute troubleshooting for costumes. As beginners, they are navigating a tricky legal territory in India, but their passion for drag keeps them motivated and focused. As they navigate a complex course, the drag sisters invite everyone to explore this art form. 

This photo-series was published in The Hindu. (Link)